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I had never really connected with a voice teacher until I met Anna. I feel, for the first time, like someone is speaking my language. I understand my voice now as my own, instead of what a teacher tells me I should sound like, or trying to fit into a sound or measure up to an idea in my head. It feels like I'm uncovering the voice that I have inside, but have never heard until now. Lessons are engaging, challenging and they are a partnership from beginning to end!
My experience with Anna has been so incredible. She has helped me prepare for auditions, expertly gifting me with technique, breath, tone, relaxation, ease, and sculpting a dynamic performance arc out of the material. She specifically addresses the needs of the modern musical theatre actor, and has helped me to become more agile and versatile, allowing me to sing in a myriad of styles often within the same show or even song. Anna pulls from an amazing education and life of experience onstage to help her students achieve grace amidst the pressure, tumult, and joy of modern theatre. All of this in a gorgeous studio for an insanely affordable price!!
Anna Winthrop is a phenomenal teacher. Her strength lies in her technical articulateness combined with her understanding and patience for my process as a student. I always feel comfortable with her, especially since I know that she is a working actress/singer herself. She knows how to incorporate instruction on relieving tension, acting a song, having fun....basically you name it, she knows how to do it! Anna puts me at ease even when I am cracking, yet I trust her to tell me the truth when I need it. I recommend her ten times over.

Voice Lessons and Vocal Coaching

I help students of all ages uncover their unique sound while teaching vocal technique grounded in vocal science. Whether you are a singer, an actor, a musician, a public speaker, I can help you to free your expressive abilities and maintain optimal vocal health. No two voices are alike, and I lead with an inside-out approach that is tailored to your specific needs and goals. I bring a lifetime of experience as a performer, composer, teacher and coach in New York City and throughout the US. I currently reside in Silver Spring MD and have a home studio fully equipped for professional audio and video services.

What to Expect

All Levels Welcome

My goal is to empower my students and lead them on a life long process of discovery. This can begin at any age and any skill level.